GigabytGirl: Makes Computers More Accessible For Women


Making the world of computer and information technologies more accesible for women is a product targeted by GigabytGirl, a pioneering project in a Spanish university that has launched this morning at the University rector Palomar Alicante.El It is aimed at secondary students participating in the initiative. A total of 20 students from various institutes of Alicante and San Vicente, aged between 13 and 16 years, participating in this pilot project which has started with a reception held at the Polytechnic School superior chaired by election.

Organized by the Polytechnic School and the Equality Unit of the AU will continue until Friday, June 19. As explained by the delegate of the rector for gender policies, “85% of jobs in the short and long term will be directly related to computer skills and technologies, studies traditionally are most preferred by men than by women, perhaps out of ignorance “. In order to dismantle these stereotypes and open between women’s employment potential posed, she was born this initiative was inspired by similar activities carried out by the big tech giants like Google.

This first Gigabytgirl campus involves performing a series of fun activities with which young students discover the computer. Robotics workshops and multimedia, with modeling and computer animation or learning how to build mobile applications through games, are some of the proposals that take place over an intensive week that “they will have teachers with a extensive professional and academic experience, allowing them to discover the most fascinating aspects of this work and the broad existing professional possibilities, “says Professor Eva Garcia, coordinator of Equality policies and project EPS.

In the beginning of the campus, the students have been very interested, especially in the application of new technologies in fields such as in Health. During his meeting with the rector, this has explained the importance of the creative aspects taken into new applications of technological studies. Palomar, who told them his experience as Computer, wanted to dismantle the myth of sullen computer locked with computers assembled and disassembled and constantly alluded “to the enormous potential linked to this world.” According to the rector, “besides being a very creative and funny farm, you can solve many problems of everyday life through the creation of countless mobile applications, multimedia and robotic technologies that contribute to making the world a safer place, friendly and healthy, “he told them. “You can be whatever you want, there is no field vetoed women, more to the contrary, every time you are more in our classrooms and in most cases, with better records,” he assured.

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