Google Apps Vs. Microsoft Office 365

Norfolk-based Prosper ITCompanies in EMEA in general  prefer using applications like Office 365 and Google Apps, and are also more likely to employ SSO than similar companies based in North America. Microsoft’s penetration rate in large firms contributes to this difference in popularity. European companies migrate their faster productivity applications to the cloud while in the US, they prefer to use Office 365 and Google Apps and are more aware of the need to use SSO to access their service. These are the conclusions that form the base of the second report the company’s Cloud Adoption Bitglass published in late August.


The report, whose results are from a traffic analysis (on Office 365, Box, Google Apps and Salesforce) of some 120,000 companies the world over. It shows that overall, 48% of companies included in the analysis were using a productivity solution in the cloud, compared to only 25% in 2014. It goes on to state that the number of companies with fewer than 500 employees who were using a productivity suite in the Cloud rose from 24% to 44. 2% and the rates in those companies with more than 500 employees rose from 18% to 57.4%. These statistics may be skewed by smaller IT companies like Norfolk-based Prosper IT, who are more likely to use Cloud applications based on their industry standards.


And, to researcher’s surprise, in 2015, Office 365 Remote beat out Google Apps by a small margin. The penetration rate of the Microsoft Suite increased from 7.7% to 25.2%, while that of Google was 16.3% in 2014 and only 22.8% in 2015. The reason? The impact of Microsoft on companies with over 500 employees has allowed them to distance themselves so that they increasingly choose the cloud as a model for their e-mail, file sharing or collaboration tools. Even if Google eventually also managed to increase its customer base in this category, it would likely not see as much improvement. In 2015, 21.9% of 500+ companies opt for Google Apps (+ 133%) against 34.4% for Office 365 (+ 285%). However, in the category of businesses with less than 500 employees, Google Apps are preferred (22.8% against 21.4% for Microsoft).


Another lever for Microsoft, companies operating in areas which are highly controlled by regulations sectors also prefer to use Office 365 over Google Apps. Financial service companies as well as the health and energy industries are leading the mass migration to the Cloud.  Again, the Google Apps penetration rates increased in these sectors (+ 200%) to 15% in 2015, while that of Microsoft with Office 365 jumped a staggering 500% up to 30%.


EMEA more fond of Office 365 and SSO


Other education, adoption curve collaboration solutions in the Cloud are strongest in EMEA and North America. The penetration rate is 59% in Europe against 48% in North America. In EMEA, Microsoft is also still squarely ahead of Google, with 42% against 17%. Finally, European companies, if they opt to use more than just email in the cloud, are also more adept at implementing controlled access via SSO than comparable companies in North America. For example, the Office 365 SSO adoption rate is 44% in EMEA against 22% in North America.

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