Office Move: A Basic Guide To IT Relocation

IT Relocation

When your computer equipment must be moved, the task can quickly become very complex. More traditional movers will risk not even move your equipment; as this creates a lot of risk. And with good reason! Once servers or complex structures need to be moved, there is a good chance of losing data in the process if the operation is not performed by a specialist. Are temporary servers set up to receive the stream of data during the move? Will the emails be redirected? Is the material is ready to be unplugged? These are examples of tasks that concern the IT moving expert. There are many companies specialized for this task, like these IT relocation services provided by Prosyn. If your business is no in their service area, though here are a few of the things you should be looking for in a professional IT relocation company:


Like most companies, moving companies are not specialized in computer equipment, it may well be that the movers do not have the knowledge and personnel required to handle or move some pieces of computer equipment. To save time and avoid unnecessary travel, a project manager specializing in information technology will be on site to assess the time and material required for your move. He will confirm with the specialists of our team the peculiarities of your facilities (stations, servers, networking, conventional telephony and IP) so that our experts arrive on the scene with the right tools and the right strategy for the type of equipment to move, thus speeding up the process.

Moving IT-experts know how a computer system can be complex, and this is why our company will confirm the existence of functional backups, and even offer you to perform a backup of your system IT to ensure reconnection. Copying backups will be put away once the drivers are installed in your new location. Have a meeting before the move with your in-house technician (or employees responsible for your system) to check if the necessary equipment and services will be available to your new establishment.


When disconnecting computer systems, the technical team will ensure the document physical connections of each device. We also offer validation services proper operation before disconnecting and after connecting to guarantee the proper functioning of the workstations before your employees start their work day, avoiding frustration for your employees and your IT staff.


The technicians who participated in your move remain available for any questions related to the movement of your equipment. In addition, our level technicians 3 and 4 (server and infrastructure) are available to help diagnose the most complex problems with new components and your new premises (eg routers, switches, MX Records, DNS, VPN, Exchange, new equipment such as TCP-IP photocopiers, etc.). Your project manager will be present before, during and after physical steps to support your team in this important transition for your business.

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