Silicon Valley – Hub of Future Technology


Something is cooking in Silicon Valley, the Californian valley where they are based large Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo or Facebook. A major highway between San Jose and San Francisco crosses this valley, parallel to the Camino Real, a route raised three centuries ago by the Spaniards and along which settlements founded the Franciscan missionaries to evangelize the natives in faith about eternal life . Palo Alto, where Stanford University is, or Altavista are place names that recall the missionary past.

The idea of eternal life returns to haunt hard in Silicon Valley. There is already a Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov, you want to scan your brain to put the copy in a robot or his avatar. That digital immortality in the form of cyborg is reached when a singularity occurs, when a machine is more intelligent than man. Several books on the development of civilization and technology address the new concept of uniqueness. In the case of Who Controls the future ?, Jaron Lanier, why send the West … for now ?, Ian Morris or animal gods, Yuval Noah Hararil.

The singularity refers to when a sudden leap occurs in technology, for example, when agriculture was invented iron tools, the steam engine and the telegraph. Each change transformed society: agriculture helped create empires like the Egyptian, the industry generated large cities and the telegraph made the global world. This computer immortality is where you are focusing its efforts geniuses of Silicon Valley. It is something that has been known for at least five years that have left several books that mention this human advance, which would coincide with the elimination of all disease and longer life, maybe even 200 years. Larnier anticipates economic stagnation to be governed by an unchanging world gerontocracy.

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