Spain And Its Ecotourism App


A new application for smartphones and other mobile devices, Ecotourist in Spain, shows the potential that ecotourism has in Spain. The main objective of this new application available for iOS and Android operating systems in Castilian and English is to improve the visibility of the tourism and contribute to the promotion and marketing of tourism “products” related to natural resources. Potential users of the new ‘app’ is tourists who are interested in enjoying ecotourism experiences and specialized agencies -national and foreign- trip to know that offer and can market it. The new tool was presented on Wednesday, June 17 at the headquarters of the Agencia Efe in Madrid in a ceremony in which representatives intervened Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, State Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (Segittur) and the Innovative Business Association Turebe (Responsible Ecotourism in Biosphere).

All speakers stressed the Spanish tourism potential, but this potential is much more than “sun and beach” and that Spain must learn to capitalize on the fact that the European country with greater biodiversity and provides more surface the European ecological network Natura 2000. The “platform” has been promoted by Turebe within a project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and also forms part of the activities that the Club Ecotourism in Spain, bringing together the interests of those responsible for protected natural areas and companies. The Deputy Director of National Parks Autonomous Agency, Montserrat Fernández, stressed that in recent years has already noted the growing interest of tourists by the natural resources of Spain.

Montserrat Fernández has stressed the importance of people living in the vicinity of protected areas become the main “engine” of the preservation of these values.

Director of Institutional Relations of Segittur, Juan Manuel Penín, said that Spain has a “huge” natural heritage administrations and companies are obliged to value, and that these resources offer the image of “other Spain” different from the the sun and the beach and that can contribute to seasonally adjusted tourism and revitalize the rural world.

The launch of the new application has coincided with the first anniversary of the approval of the Sector Plan for Biodiversity and Nature Tourism, an initiative launched by the government to try the natural wealth of Spain and the fact that the European country with more protected natural areas contribute to generating wealth and employment.

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